PHOTHACO is one of the leading industrial casters manufacturers and trolleys in Vietnam. We have various kinds of casters made from rubber, PU, TPU, PP and PA. Specially, our top-selling rubber casters are qualified for exporting to Asian, European and North American markets.

At Phong Thanh, every step in the manufacturing process from raw materials to final products is strictly monitored and complied with ISO 9001-2015 to make sure our quality is always consistent.  In fact, customers usually come to us for reliable and good quality products with reasonable prices since our price is compatible to other imported good quality products.


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In order to create a playground for company’s employees after working hours and to build the spirit of solidarity, exchange among departments and workshops of company. On May 27th, 2018, the company union organizes a Phong Thanh mini football match 2018.

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On May 06th, 2018 Di An Confederation of Labor organized a ceremony to call up the month of worker, the month of action on occupational safety and hygiene 2018. The company’s Trade Union sent out union’s member to attend the ceremony.

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In order to carry out the propaganda of occupational safety and hygiene in enterprises, on April 22nd, 2018, Di An Confederation of Labor organized the Safety and Industrial Hygiene 2018 competition. With the agreement of the Board of Directors, the Trade Union of company has sent the team of safety and hygiene to attend and won consolation prize.

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In order to recognize the contribution of employees to company in 2017, on February 05th, 2018, the company held a commendation ceremony for outstanding individuals, departments and workshops in 2017.

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